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Drylining installation to walls is a popular method for covering brickwork and other substrates such as concrete. The wet plasterboard or drywall board is attached to the wall using adhesive which binds it securely in place before being finished with taping, jointing and skimming compounds.

The “dab and dot” technique is one of the most common methods for drylining installation. This involves applying adhesive onto the back of the plasterboard in small patches across its surface, creating a “dot-to-dot” pattern that helps to evenly spread the weight of the board and ensure it is securely fixed to the wall.

Once this adhesive has been applied, the board is then pressed firmly against the wall and secured in place. Jointing tape, joint filler, and skim plaster can then be used to cover any gaps between boards or walls and create a smooth finish.

This technique provides an effective way of covering unsightly brickwork or other substrates while also creating a reliable and secure way of fixing the plasterboard to the wall. It is a popular choice for commercial and domestic drylining installers, due to its strength and durability.

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Improved Acoustic and Thermal Properties

As the plasterboard is set off the wall slightly, an air gap is created which greatly improves the thermal and acoustic qualities of the structure. In addition, the board is set up off the floor which allows the wall to continually breathe.

Time Saving

The dry-lining can be carried out at the same time as the ceilings so apart from the increased speed of application (when compared with float and set) the walls and ceilings would be completed at the same time and there would be no down time waiting for the trades to become available.


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