What Makes a Building company "THE BEST"

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We Are We?

Imagine if you could hire a building company that delivers outstanding work, makes you feel like you’re part of the project, and offers stellar 24/7 support. You would probably hire them with confidence? that’s what we can offer.

Why Choose Us

Worry-Free Experience

Alkimos is dedicated to a successful conclusion of every construction project, and believes that effective communication can turn milestones into masterpieces.

All Trades Covered

Discover the convenience of our all-in-one hub, catering to every trade needed for your project – saving time, effort, and endless phone calls!

Fair Prices

Our prices are both fair and affordable. We can tailor projects to suit your budget. 

Friendly And Punctual Team

At ABS, we acknowledge the pressures of construction and have carefully curated a team dedicated to providing exceptional service, prioritising client satisfaction, and embodying our philosophy of “No Problems – Only Solutions.”

Our Mission

Welcome To Alkimos Building Services: The Last Building Company You Will Ever Hire!

Established in 2011 by Gary Rooney, Alkimos has been a pioneer when it comes to new techniques, innovative materials, and creative problem-solving. However, there’s one thing that sets us head and shoulders above the rest.

We Care

After more than 15 years in the construction sector, Gary knew exactly what made a building company successful. From extreme attention to detail to constant customer updates, he managed to instill those traits to a whole team of experienced and qualified professionals, who are now the proud members of the Alkimos family.

Why Choose Us?

We always keep our ears to the ground, incorporate new cost-saving techniques and ensure quality work while offering you unmatched customer support. Building is our job, but high quality work is our passion.

Contact Us Today – Let’s Discuss Your Project! It’s no wonder that thousands of homeowners and building managers choose Alkimos for their projects. You can contact us today and together we can find a solution that covers your exact needs.


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