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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings


New Office Ceiling | Suspended Ceilings Installation Perth
What is a suspended ceiling?

Suspended ceilings are ceilings suspended from roof purling, timbers or from an above slab. suspended ceilings are a popular choice for commercial properties as it provides a usable space above to hide services such as plumbing, electrical and air conditioning.

A suspended ceiling can also be known as a T-bar ceiling, False ceiling, drop in ceiling, ceiling tiles, grid ceiling, plasterboard suspended ceiling, are systems that can be used in both residential and commercial properties in Perth.

Commercial Suspended Ceilings

The Advantages of suspended ‘‘T-bar grid – Tiled ceilings’’ is the ease of accessibility above to service and maintain any building services above. They are easily removed panels to access the void above the ceiling. This has a huge advantage over the traditional plasterboard ceiling as there is no need to remove and patch then paint if your struggling to access a particular point above the ceiling.

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Domestic Suspended Ceilings Installation Perth | Alkimos Building Services

Suspended Grid Ceiling Below

Commercial Ceiling Grid | Benefits of Installing a Suspended Ceiling System

Installing a suspended ceiling may look simple, but here are a few reasons why Alkimos Building Services would be more suitable.

  • Fully Qualified Tradespeople will always be undertaking the installation
  • Fully insured and warranty is given upon completion.
  • We will work with your vision to set out the ceiling to best adapt your needs ie light locations, speaker set out or just aesthetically appealing.
  • Over 20,000 SQM of ceilings installed!
Installing Suspended Ceilings In a Domestic Property

Domestic suspended ceilings

The use of suspended plasterboard ceilings in domestic properties are on the rise. The reason for this is there is  no need to waste money on conventional timber frame ceilings which cost considerably more and take longer to install. 

With a suspended ceiling you can easily lift / drop ceilings, create curved ceilings and even create amazing cinema room light troughs, bulkheads and much more in such greater time frames.

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Plasterboard Suspended Ceiling