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Dry Lining

Dry Lining

Dry lining Service Perth

Dry lining Service Perth | Alkimos Building Services
Our Dry lining Service In Perth

Sick and tired of looking at your old looking and outdated brick walls? Looking at bringing them back to life with a simple solution? We can line your old brick walls with plasterboard bringing them back to life while creating straight sharp and fresh new looking walls.


Whether it is just a bedroom or the whole house, give us a call and we can send one of the team around to help explain this simple and highly effective way to create a huge transformation in days.

What is Dry lining?

Drylining or dab and dot as some people describe it is a technique where we apply plasterboard to existing brickwork using a mortar based glue. When performed by a qualified contractor the technique leaves you with a flawless finish ready to paint the very next day!


Unlike float and set which takes months to fully cure before being able to just paint! Drylining is installed quickly with minimal mess and safe to paint the very next day!

Drylining Over Bricks | installing Gyporck Over Bricks |

Dry lining over exposed Brick walls

Some of the benefits of drylining

Improved Acoustic and Thermal Advantages

Drylining is a technique were the plasterboard is applied to a brick wall with a mortar bases glue which gives the board a slight cavity which improves the thermal and acoustic qualities of a room.


Time Saving

Dry lining comes under the same umbrella as the ceiling contractor so both walls and ceiling work can be carried out at the same time, meaning no downtime waiting for other contractors needing to start.


Once the plasterboard has been installed to the walls, the joints of the boards are all flushed leaving a seamless finish between sheets, and within around 12-18 hours these joints can be sanded and painted straight away.


Traditional Float and Set requires months of dry time to fully cure resulting in a lot of downtime.


Overall, our dry lining services are quick and efficient which will make your property up to date without the huge expense associated with internal rendering.


Give us a call today to discuss options or if you want more information regarding this service.

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Dry Lining Services Perth